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Instead you can identify your perfect job role, and take massive action obtain it within 6-12 months. PROMOTED will help get you there. Bozi''s career acceleration formula is used by thousands of achievers from 20+ countries, working for companies like Google, Cisco, JP Morgan & Ford.

That is until the last year when I met Bozi Dar and learned about his program called Career Acceleration Formula. Who is Bozi? Bozi is a senior executive in a major Fortune 500 company who figured out a specific formula that helped him achieve staggering success and get promoted 6 times in 6 years, increasing his salary 15 times.

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Internal Interview Formula is a step-by-step, action packed course on how to nail the job promotion interview. The course is co-created for you by the world’s #1 career acceleration expert and one of the top world experts on job interviews.