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Paul Janka Coaching. You also get "member’s only" access to Paul Janka and his certified coaches. Get advanced notice to Paul’s sold-out personal coaching calendar or take your game to the next level with a certified phone coach, who can help you with specific stumbling blocks and get the results you’re looking for.

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Paul Janka is a world-renowned pick artist.

I am offering this book within the Superior Status package because I don’t want price to keep you away from having.

INCLUDES: *Attraction Formula [E-book] *Getting Laid In NYC [E-book] *Beyond The Digits *Dr. Paul & Mr. Janka *Janka Method Program *Daygame Secrets to Meeting Women *Paul Janka's Secrets To Meeting Women – Infield Videos *Conversation Secrets *Dating Skills Podcast with Paul Janka CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL UPLOADERS (THANK YOU FOR SHARING GUYS).

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Paul Janka recently became the newest member of the “Former Playboy Turned Husband” club & I was pretty excited to talk to him about his recent wedding, and the new realities of being a husband.

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