Sharone Benegbi – Calm Confidence Relaxation Series Dec

Sharone Benegbi – Calm Confidence Relaxation Series Dec 4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.

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Apps to Help You Find Your Calm Does the mere mention of the word ‘technology’ send your stress level through the roof? Cell phone ringing, email notifications chiming — anyone can contact you anywhere, anytime.

Lavender – spirituality, awareness It has a strong relaxing effects, stimulates awareness and spirituality. Reinforces the effects of meditation and has calming powers.

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December 2018 OFFICE CLOSED 31 Join us for a NEW series: Peaceful Practices for Life! Looking for programs to help you de-stress and find your calm? Join Janet Oussaty, trained in holistic practices, for the following: Qi Gong Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Meditation Nov. 20 Dec. 11 Journaling Nov. 13 Spirituality Nov. 27 4 amilies Support 4 amilies Support 5.

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