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The phrase "can-do" lurks behind everything Wayne Dyer teaches. His consistent message is that we determine what happens to us by the way we approach life's challenges.

Women Are From Venus.

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Another student has trained with Deepak and Justin Wayne. But found me to be a better teacher.

first day of bootcamp. In fact, every bootcamp student since May.

Anyway, by mid-2016 Deepak’s lies finally rile me enough that I write a couple of expose posts. It’s in reading them that my regular commentor Zatara actually figures out the precise nature of Deepak’s primary scam [5] It’s the same dual-market theory Justin Wayne uses (and taught Deepak).

Meet Deepak Wayne. (Youtube channel description lists his real name as Manish Singh) Deepak first came to my attention during an interview he had with another charlatan – Youtube celebrity Stefan Molyneux. It was a phone-in discussing the migrant crisis in Europe during 2016.

Join our immersion program. Deepak and I enjoy cucking an entire white country. Its like that fucking East Indian and Chinese guy with a new girl in their arms every fucking day to them. Like oh them again, lol. Now you know how it feels. You white dudes stole our Asian women. Know I am teaching the entire world to steal white women back.

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